What do you think? I bought it on a whim last night. My buddy has been playing for a long time and he said it was a pretty good deal.

I like playing rock(old and new) and some harder/darker stuff but I'm not too picky yet on how the sound is so I'm hoping this amp will keep my content for a while.

I'm currently playing a Carvin sx-200 solid state amp with a boss ds1.

no, its crap, sell it to me quick

Edit: Nah, im just pulling ur leg, this thing doesnt do sarcasm/ fake very well, kudos on the buy
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Sweet! I almost had buyer's remorse because I'm just that way. I think, "o crap, I could have gotten it 100 bucks cheaper somewhere else" or whatever. I think I'll feel much better when it's in my house!
How much did you get it for?
I thought it was a pretty good amp when I played it.

NVM, checked the link.

Good deal! Now, the Mav isn't worth it's price new (IMO), but that's a great deal on it.
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