I might be posting this in the wrong spot but theres better responses here and I couldn't find a recording thread. Anyway I consider it gear because you got to record your instruments anyway my question.


I'm new to recording but have done some pretty cool recordings using good mics and good equipment. I use a basic recording program though cakewalk sonar 7 xl. But I like it a lot because it does everything I want it too and didn't cost much. But last time we sent our songs to this guy to have them mastered but I want to know how to do that.

I saw some software for mastering but it was only a pro tools plug in. Is there anyway to master using what I use? I have no idea how to do it. I create a pretty good mix but it's still mixing that final master to make it sound right.

I'd rather not have a plug in if theres software like that. I'd rather have a standalone that maybe I can put all the files in? I dont know if that would work though. I saw where sonar producer edition has mastering on it but I don't have that.
As far as I know, all you need for mastering is:

- A good compressor (you can use a plug in)
- A good EQ
- Some very good speakers & ears
- Quite a lot of skill

There is software for mastering but it is expensive. Look at Steinberg WaveLab.
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