Hey guys,

I'll keep it short and sweet. Im looking to buy a new guitar and need a bit of help.

I'll have £400 maximum to spend.
I play rock, blues, punk... that sorta stuff.
Influenced by the Stones, Beatles, Zeppelin, Stooges, Kings of Leon etc...
I love les pauls.

Any suggestions would be great.

Also, are Epi Les Pauls any good? And what about buying a guitar on ebay?

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I saw on the special offers section of www.musiciansfriend.com a good offer of a epiphone LP for under 400. http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-Les-Paul-100-Electric-Guitar?sku=518661 I dont know if you are looking something like it but check it out

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For that money, I'd go with a Standard Telecaster. It sounds great and is built like a rock. Amazing for blues and for the bands you listed. Best guitar I've played. I lik it more than a few $2000 Les Pauls I've played.
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Sorry, I've been away for a week or two so didnt get a chance to reply. Thanks for the current Tele suggestion, I'll check it out.

Also, I have a Marshall 100AVT amp if that helps.

Thanks again for any help, I currently havent a clue. I didnt think picking a new guitar would be so difficult.
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Do you DIG?

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for that type of stuff, a tube amp would really help. the big problem is, it's really going to eat into your budget for the guitar.

regarding ebay, it can be ok to buy a guitar on ebay, but (assuming you're buying from a private seller and not a shop), you need to be REALLY careful, do a ton of research, ask the seller a bunch of questions and for more pictures, and if you even have the vaguest inkling that something's not right, chicken out.
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