"The Last Sunrise"

What was undoubtedly forthcoming;
Showed up knocking on our door;
What got lost in dreams arriving;
Cast shadows over our day.

I was unaware, bruised by another;
As you thrust the weight off of yourself;
The weight so sure to darken my wound;
Instead was flung back to the stars.

We've traveled across peaks and valleys;
On this journey of emotion;
Not one of which I regret crossing, why?
Without valleys what are peaks?

The past spelled out the future so sure;
A paved certainty that has vanished;
Amazing how everything does change;
When change itself shakes you off the course.

Summers so sweet ignited us;
Winter's cold dampened the flames;
The ashes of what once was;
Have been transformed into stone.

I will not search for what was lost;
Amongst all the fishes in the sea;
What each one has is unique;
A pebble amidst the stones.

I will however find someday;
A soul with whom I will sing;
A tune quite different from ours, I'm sure;
But a fine tune in all its own.

We will stray in different directions;
Stray in these ways we must;
But we will always and forever;
Be traveling the same road.

The story of your life, I now read;
Chapters so great and sad alike;
An author I was, now reader I am;
The ink ran dry, my writing is complete.

From this day on, that is my duty;
To read your story, while writing my own;
To smile onward when times are well;
To comfort, when your plot falls to disaster.

Perhaps now and again I will turn the pages back;
Get captured by time in the chapter we wrote;
A chapter that will forever bring a smile to my heart;
And a joyful tear to my eye.

You've had my heart, you've had my soul;
You've been my best, and seen my worst;
The sun has set on our love, no worry;
On another landscape, the sun just rose.

It's a landscape of an arctic summer;
Where the sun is sure to never fall;
A more serene land to calm our course;
Where time and space bind no dreams.

No matter what stars become my sky;
One has mapped out its place in me;
You will forever glow silently strong;
And be the first to peer through the sun's retreat.

And whatever may try to stand between;
Be it land, time, life or death;
You and I are constant, under this grand sun;
For today, and all of our days to come.