wondering why ppl say buy a new amp than pedals when pedals give u a wider variety of sounds and whats the problem with having lots of boss pedals, i mean there reliable and do just what there meant to.
Because you can't do much without an amp with pedals unless you play through a PA or something? In which case it wont sound as good as an amp anyway.

Just my oppinion.

Also, theres nothing wrong with having lots of Boss pedals. It's just that there are better pedals out there, other than that i can't think of much. They're good if your on a budget, but personally i wouldn't use Boss Distortion or Overdrive, i would use them for effects like Delay and stuff.

Again, my oppinion.
For me is better get an amp with good distortion and overdrive and then spend in a whammy pedal that is what Iam looking for.

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Hahahaha yeah I think Ill stay with my 15w all the way! What a great idea! When I play at the biggest festivals Ill stand there with it and 15 boss pedals! Thanks for this great idea!!1!!111!!!

...No seriously what was this guy thinking?
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