Hey guys,

my folks are asking what I fancy for xmas and I've got no idea so I come to you for ideas.......

I've got about £200 to spend, however, not on a guitar or amp, but on other assorted guitar related stuff........so does anyone have any ideas of what could be handy?

What pedals would you recommend?

I don't actually have any, I've never been able to justify buying them myself but as presents it could be a good idea.......

I was thinking about the Wylde Crybaby....any good?
What would you call a good tuner?

I've got a Boss TU-80 (I think) at the moment which I've had since I started...is there a good tuner you could recommend....I was hoping for something "stompboxey" so I don't have the hassle of plugging and unplugging all the time. Also, the one I have at the moment doesn't tell you the note, you have to say how many flats from the note you actually want......So to tune to D you have to do E with 2 flats, if that makes sense?

I'm getting this, maybe you like the look of it too. You plug it into a USB port and then can use it as an Audio or Midi interface for recording and getting a really high quality sound.

EDIT: This is a useful tuner:


You just clip it on the headstock and it picks up the vibrations through the wood, so you don't have to plug anything in and it doesn't matter if the drummer is playing while you're tuning as the tuner only picks up what your guitar plays.
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What genres do you play? Get the right pedal for the right tone
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I play a variety of genres, predominantly metal though.......

On the subject of pedals....I don't fully understand the point of distortion pedals, why not use the gain channel on your amp?
People by pedals for a more unique tone, and alot of amps dont give us the gain we need, Id look at the Boss pedals, a little overpriced but they're the best for quality
You might like the Boss Metal Core
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Fender Deluxe Players Stratocaster
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Cheers man, I'll give them a look sometime......

However, I'm getting a new amp just after christmas so I'll wait until then I think :P
My local store doesn't do gift cards (I don't think)....It's not a chain or anything like that, just one shop

Also, I was thinking about recording, I have a boss BR-600 but nothing to mike up my amp, is a SM57 the right way to go and would i need anything else in addition?
Well depends what music you play. If you play funk, wah is a good option. Metal/Grunge and any other genres like this, a distortion would be good. Delay, Flanger, Chorus, Reverb, these are some various other peddles.
Thanks for the advice...what are good pedal brands to look for?

I've heard good things about EHX but apart from that I don't really know much
i agree with what has been said before but for something a bit different you could get a boss micro br
The micro BR is definately a good idea, and if I didn't already own a BR-600 I would probably ask for it......

On the topic of recording, is the SM57 a good choice as an instrument mike?
Strap locks, Extra long cables, Locking tuners (If you dont have floyd/locking tuners already).
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Buy a nice strap, some Tortex picks, a case if you dont have one (unthinkable), and a multi-effect pedal.
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