...in terms of a cheap but functional body/neck to buy as a platform for modding?

I've been thinking that I really like the shape of them, and the layout. Simple. two humbuckers, one volume, one tone.

Been thinking that I really need a guitar with SD P-Rails in it, too, and that maybe one of these would be the guitar to put them in.

So, what experience do any of you have with Jagmasters?

Ideally, I think I'd replace the PUs with the P-Rails, add the 2 3-position switches for the P-Rails, and maybe then go with stacked volume & tone pots so that each PU had it's own, for balance.

I guess that ultimately, I just want a guitar to put those PUs in.

I like them apart from all the switches on the treble side i think, or is it the bass side?
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There aren't any on the jagmaster. It's just a 3-way toggle, one volume, and one tone. All the switches and thumbwheels are only on real jags/jazzmasters
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drewsta ...

do you own one? have you played one?

are they better than MIM strats & teles?

i've heard great things about the MIJ "vista" series, but less great things about the MIM ones, from more recently.

what's the consensus as to how they stack up against, say, other squier products?
i like mine i there any way to install a tunomatic bridge on em
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