Any recommendations of what acoustic strings I should go about getting? I've always used GHS boomers 10 1/2 - 11s on my electrics
well i wouldn't put electric stings on my acoustic. but usually use dean markleys, or blue steels on my acoustic, usually a a ten gauge. you might want to go for 11 though
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What guitar do you have?
Could help you out more if we knew that.
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elixers are my string of choice. depending on how often you play, stings can get expensive because a lot of stings don't last. anything that says extended play will cost more up front but last for much longer and eventually be cheaper. i bought elixers in july and have been playing every day more or less since then and they are still going.
String alloy for acoustics have much more tonal impact than with electrics -- electrics are limited by the fact that their strings need to be able to interact with the magnetic field of the pickups. So you need to decide what kind of tone you want -- mellow, bright, or somewhere in between. Then you have to decide the gauge. You're going to use a heavier gauge for an acoustic than you are an electric, so 11s or 12s are pretty standard. As far as brands, Elixer is good. D'Addario is good as well, and they also make a long-life string in the same vein as Elixer. I've also used Martin strings in the past with good results. But alloy and gauge are the the most important things -- otherwise, strings are all pretty much the same.
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I use D'Addarios Phosphor Bronze. Fairly well balanced strings in terms of tone.
However, they do snap rather easily and wear down after a short amount of time.
Elixir's, Dr sunbeams ,Dr rare's, Martin Sp. All good strings. You will have to experiment with different brands to find the ones that sound best on your axe!
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You will have to experiment with different brands to find the ones that sound best on your axe!

Here's the key. Different strings sound different on different guitar.
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