This is a song that was recorded for my band Xstrophy. Right now its just guitars, some bass, and vocals, because we don't have a drummer yet. Its in my profile. Let me know what you think, and if you leave a link, Ill give you a crit too. Thanks.
I like it. I think it'd sound even better with some drums. If your a tech savvy person I'd say go get a beat making program or something to that effect. The drums don't even need to be complicated, simple is usually the best. Good luck man.

Check out any of the three songs in my profile.
GAS List:
Very nice. Very thrashy. Very Meallica-y.
I was goin through it with drums in my head (i play) and it would sound so much fuller with just a simple 4/4 beat on a china or loose hi hat.
Post another with drums, would like to hear it.

Im mainly a metal drummer but i was just messin around with improv stuff.
Ha niicee. Its sounding good man!! I just wish there were drums!! Let us know when there are, I'd love to hear it finished! Good job again, keep it up..

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