Alriiight UG.

I did my grade 4 rockschool exam 2 years ago and passed.
I'm now in Year 12 and have been told to look at entrance requirements for Music Uni courses. And most of them seem to say Grade 8 exam pass.

Basically, I was wondering if anyone's done it / knows the pieces and could compare the difficulty of them to some released music, or could point me out where I could find the tabs, so I don't have to spend £15 - £20 on a book it then transpires is far too difficult for me to learn.

I have the guitar pro of Bonzo, and the book
I could send you it.
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I have the grade 8 rockschool book and it is pretty difficult, if you cant sweep pick then dont get it till you can because you need it for one of the exersises they ask you to do. The peices are about the same difficulty as some of the easier paul gilbert stuff, look at down to mexico, thats about grade 8. But really, its only like 15 quid just buy it and then you have something to work towards
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I dont think the Grade 8 rock school book is hard. there a som tough parts in pieces but are generally quite easy. Its also focussed more on your improvisation so you must be adept at it and getting different sounds to fit in the piece.
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crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

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for the guy doing grade 5 the SQA (scottish qualifications authority) passed rain by trivium at higher (grade 5)
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Don't they prefer RGT exams? They give a more rounded course, more theory blah blah.

I just typed "uni music courses" into Google, and the first one that came up was Southampton, and they say they accept Rockschool, along with some others I don't know.
Rockschool is entirely accepted by popular music course, if are doing them properly you get a 'rounded' course.

Grade is generally 'alrightt' to play, with a number of tricky bits in each piece.

Buyt really we can't tell you, just try and learn them.
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Don't they prefer RGT exams? They give a more rounded course, more theory blah blah.

Thats what i got told
Quite a lot of it is jazz orientated. There's a piece called 'Whatever Happened To Jazz' (which the compare guy says in a really melancholy voice on the recording) which isn't really that difficult at all, it's just the dodgey time signature and the fell of the solo. But yeah there are some tricky parts to it as well, in songs such as Bonzo (a piece heavily based on Led Zeppelin stuff, especially the song 'Rock And Roll').
But seriously I'd say go and buy it, it's something to work towards.