I want to put a picture of an artist on my guitar, just on the body behind the bridge.

How would I go about keeping it on there and lasting?

The picture is from a magazine, so its pretty much just paper.

Help appreciated!
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you can try a few things. if its decent paper you can use a thin bit of glue on the back and then spray a clear coat over it. or if it is something you can scan or print you could buy white contact paper from the store and put it into your printer making a sticker of the pic.
What artist is it?
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That's a horrific idea.

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you could try this. its made for lexan but may work on the paint of a guitar. i have used it on numerous rc bodies.

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no paper. to do it right you have to apply it underneath layers of clearcoat during the painting process, and use a clear sheet/special type of sheet. if you krazy glue a magazine page to your guitar, well, its going to look like you krazy glued a mag page to your guitar.
Or you could keep your guitar as it is...
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I fell asleep on my arm once, scariest thing that ever happened to me. I thought it was kill.
Hot glue gun. Do it.
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Use hot wax..
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use glue and then go over the entire surface of your guitar with multiple coats of clear lacquer.
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Tape. It fixes everything.

Seriously though, that's a bad idea. Don't do it. It will look stupid.
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