there may be a more suitable forum, so appologies...

ive realised recently that i suffer terribly from nerves when playing jam clubs, busking, or trying to pick up women. i used to just put it down to the cold, or generally not feeling well, but its been going on for a while now. ive played at a few blues / rock jam clubs, for over a year now, once or twice a week, more weeks than not. (the wierd thing is, dont get it when i have auditions, even if i dont know the people.)

ive tried a few things - getting laid (that made me play a little better, but i was still laying bricks), cigarettes (that just made me cold, cause it was freezing outside, and when i got back in, i was just a bit light headed)... so far the best has been chewing gum, which granted is cheaper than smoking, but really just a bit random - i played amazingly, which you know is true when the next guy playing is 3x your age, and says "well, how do i follow that!?". is there any logic behind this?

so! does anyone have any tips n tricks for dealing with this? how have you dealt with it yourself? ultimately, i would like to be over my nerves so i have the balls to sing AND play at these clubs, and then to have the balls to play my original material once my band is sorted out.

any help you can give is much appreciated cheers all, peace!
Whatever works for you, chewing gum seems pretty reasonable compared to methods most famous rockstars use
The better you can play your material, the less likely you are to make mistakes, regardless of nerves.

Think about it, you would rarely mess up twinkle twinkle little star (or something of similar difficulty) because it is so easy so the easier the stuff you're playing is, the less likely you'll stuff it up.

Also, playing in public a lot will get you more used to it and you will become more relaxed when playing so you will make fewer mistakes.