alright guys, iv been playing guitar for a few months, i currently have a epiphone lp100. i love the style and sound of it, however powerchording on the first fret and generally using the first 2 frets is pretty difficulty, hurts my wrists a lot to the point where i dont learn music which use these frets! so the time has come to get a new guitar. iv been looking at the ibanez art320, and the prs se single cut, does anyone have these or used them? how easy are they to play? any other similar guitars anyone would suggest, preferebly no more than £500. cheeers
i play mainly punk like pennywise, and hardcore like hatebreed. my current guitar is a epiphone les paul lp 100, and my amp is a line 6 spyder 3. cheers
You could get some decent gear for 500 quid. Are you sure that its not teh way youre sitting/holding the guitar that makes your wrist hurt at that position? most guitar necks are of a reasonably smiliar size so i new guitar wouldnt solve the pain problems in your wrist. If you do find a way to make your wrists not hurt invest in a new amp and youll get an infitley better sound, thats what im doing.
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Getting a new guitar because of the size of the neck is not a good idea...

I have miniature hands and can play classical (on the classical sized necks, of course)...

Learn to play with the guitar you have now, then get a new guitar to make your already mastered skills better.
whats wrong with the guitar? its not like the frets or neck are broken...if you're using the fact that your hand hasn't gained strength yet as an excuse, you're a jerk...it'll be better for you in the longrun to play your guitar until you get used to it...theres nothing wrong with the guitar right?