What are the best passive pickups for metal sound? I have a Schecter Omen-6.
depends on what you play and what your gear is. duncans are usually considered to be a good all around pups but then theres ones just for say metal or jazz.
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Bareknuckle Nailbombs or War Pigs are the "best."
Rio Grande Crunchbox/Punchbox combo is IMO a brilliant combination .
DiMarzio D-Sonic is amazing.

There are too many to list here. Give us your budget and your main metal subgenre (I.E. Thrash, death, shred, etc.)

And your amp. We need to know that, mainly because if you're dissatisfied with your tone it's probably that, but even if it IS good it'll have some bearing on what pickups we reccomend.
Metallica sounding metal maybe? I just want to be aware of ways how to upgrade my guitar -- it's not that I'm not satisfied with the sound. But I think it could be better. I have a Roland Micro Cube RX for home use and Marshall Vintage Modern in the band try-out.
I'd keep the stock pickups and get a compressor and a 7 band EQ pedal instead.
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Seymour Duncan Invaders or SD Blackouts *active pickups* or if you have the cash buy Bareknuckle Nailbombs , they are just amazing , the best pickups money can buy.
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Seymour Duncan Invaders or SD Blackouts *active pickups* or if you have the cash buy Bareknuckle Nailbombs , they are just amazing , the best pickups money can buy.

I can't insert active pickups here.
So the Schecter pickups itself are good? Is it worth the risk changing them?
^The Schecter pickups are good enough for now but they aren't great. I'm just looking at your current setup and thinking an EQ and a Compressor will give you a much more significant improvment than pickup.
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i have an omen 6 too and the pups are garbage. with the cost of the guitar i would say a SD set is going to be your best option. I have a duncan distortion and it sounds good. the problem i have with that guitar is it just sounds so dark and bassy it can get muddy pretty quick.
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Too Many to list.
Little tale here... I used to play a Yamaha Pacifica 120SD.... really nice guitar, I pity the day I left her go.

It's a cheapo guitar, pickups were really warm but nothing special. My amp back in the day was a Laney HCM-30R.

One day I left the guitar too close to some big arse speakers... they lost some power and some bright so they sounded totally dull.

GAS stroke and I got a FRED/PAF Pro combo.... that guitar sounded like a much more expensive instrument that it really was.

Please don't say that a pick up change is not noticeable through a SS distorted amp... there is a real and important difference, especially over stock pick ups.

Not denying that a amp has more effect or even an EQ pedal... but pickups make an important difference too.

How much?? Well, that's in the ears of the listener... the very same could be said about a $1000 guitar and a $2000 guitar... there's a difference, worth or not of the extra $1000 it's up to the user.
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Bareknuckle Nailbombs are, I understand, the best. I wish Thomann would sell them .
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