I'm kinda new to all this guitar stuffa, i only have practiced for 7 months, that's a little I know...

I have some questions...

How do I increase my speed? Do I use a 1 note per beat, or a 4 note per beat pattern?

Do I practice economy picking or just stay in the alt picking for a while?

Any practice plans? Anything?
For the moment try to improve your alternate picking. After that try economy picking, because economy picking is basically alt picking with the difference that when you are going to change strings you have to "sweep".

Sorry for my lame explanation of economy picking, you should find good lessons about it in UG.
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and how about the beats and stuffs?

First of all, do you have a metronome?
Alternate picking is mostly for speed so I'd stick with that. It's good to know both methods but I think alternate is going to help you out for now. Next, I'd try learning some scales (or other finger exercise) and attempt to play it at various speeds. Use a metronome to help you out. This will basically just help hone your finger movement efficiency and help you visualize where you need to put your fingers faster than you've previously had the ability to do.
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You can do 8ths(for every beat you play 2 notes, I dont know that much about that so I might be wrong) at 120 bpm, you can increase the speed later as your alt picking technique and synchronization between your two hands improve.
I wouldn't worry to much about getting faster if you are not sure about basic rhythms such as these guys said. You kind of need to know what a quarter eighth, sixteenth, etc are to know how many notes to hit every beat.

In standard 4/4 time...

Whole Note- 1 note is 4 beats (Takes the WHOLE measure)
Half Note- 1note is 2 beats. (Takes HALF the measure)
Quarter note- 1 note a beat (It takes a QUARTER of the measure)
Eighter Note- 2 notes a beat (It takes an EIGHTH of the measure)
Sixteenth Note- 4 notes a beat (It takes a sixteenth of the measure)

They are the first five that I learned and I believe everyone else did.
Personally, don't bother with speed - be more concerned with accuracy. If you have good accuracy then speed will naturally come.

Also, instead of looking at picking exercises, have a look at songs you enjoy which are technical since exercises get boring very quickly and songs will keep you more interested and motivated, and you are more likely to learn them.
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