alright so i have a pod xt live a line 6 spider 2 head and a line 6 cab, i know buncha line 6 gear..it was pretty inexpensive but heres the problem!

so i get this sound i like coming from my pod xt plugged through my headphones but once i plug it into the head it sounds like ****! im not sure where i should keep my head settings, my friend told me i should leave them at 0 so thats what i did and got a decent tone from it. but then when i plug in my headphones or record it sounds like crap with way too much gain etc. i really need help with understanding how it works.
hey what do you mean? i dont use effects on my head, i just use the clean channel. am i doing something wrong?
Yes. You shouldn't have bought a Spider - they absolutely hate pedals.

If you want to use your Pod XT into an amp as well as your cab, get a Crate V33H.
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damn really? i dont have much money now at all. but is keeping the head settings at 0 the way to do it?
I've heard that before but I don't think there is such a "0" on this amp.

I've played the Spider II, Spider III and Spider Valve but never with a multi-pedal in front but essentially, the answer to your question is yes.

You're going to have to fiddle with it to find the cleanest possible tone you can before adding said pedal.
Does your amp have a FX loop? Try running your pod out to the FX return and see if that helps.

Back when I had a mg. I Did that. And it sounded better than running it through the front.
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Plug it into the effects return on the amp and make sure you have the Pod setup correctly. You can cycle through the 'what are you playing through?' section of the setup and try different variations. Sometimes studio direct sound best, sometimes live - power amp, ect. Try all the settings.
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Wait... doesn't the line 6's have a special pod input?
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