Very obscure Icelandic black metal. Released one album in 1987 before splitting up. It's probably the most expensive metal album of all time. I saw it on eBay once, and the bid got up to $3000, but the reserve price was not met!

Their vocals sound like an old school version of the guy in Silencer. All of their riffs are very memorable, but they don't have much else to offer musically.

Here's the only known interview with anybody affiliated with the band. It's with some guy in a different Icelandic black metal band.

"4) Where and when was the Fire And Steel LP recorded ? How long did the
recording process last and do you have any good or bad memories from
this session ? Who produced it ? Are there any unreleased songs existing
from the recording session ?

Hehe this is acually quite funny. Fire and steel was recorded at a studio
which was located at a YMCA building. When they were recording those
horrible satanic vocals the head master of this YMCA facility came to check
out what was going on in the studio and heared this aweful satanic music
being recorded there. I guess they were allowed to finish the recordings,
but the studio was banned from the building and had to be relocated after
that, and Flames of Hell were asked to please never show up there again!

5) Was it intended to use these recordings as a demo first, or was it
already decided to release it as a LP?

I think they always ment for it to be an album.

6) How many copies were pressed, and how many copies got sold of the LP?
Were the copies mainly sold in Iceland ? Who or What is Draconian
Records ? Was it your own label ? What were the first reactions from the
listeners ?

Draconian records was a devision of Draconian books and publishing, which
was (and is) owned by the 3rd Nicolai brother (see q 12) and he uses it to
publish books of his paintings. Draconian publishing is located in France,
so I guess that they also sold some lp´s there, probably more there than in

11) My copy of the LP doesn't have a lyric sheet or lyric sleeve. Were
the lyrics ever printed ? What topics have you dealt with?

No I don´t think the lyrics were ever printed.

12) Is it correct that the 3 members of FLAMES OF HELL are brothers?

No only two of them. Tha band was (is) Sigurður Nicolaison - Bass, Steinþór
Nicolaison - Guitar, vocals and Jóhann Richardsson - Drums. But the Nicolai
brothers are acually 3, and the 3rd brother was acually supposed to be the
singer, but that never happened for resons unknown to me. But he painted
the cover of the album. He is acually a well known painter, lives in France
(where he oporates mostly I think) and Spain, and has helt many many
exhibitions all over the world. His paintings are all rather dark and

13) Can you describe each person of the band individually at the time of the
LP (1987) and now (2002) ?

The Nicolai brothers are defenatly the most strange persons I have ever met.
They all look very much the same (and have done so since the 80´s, although
they are all around 40 years old now), with long black hair, always wear
leather coats, whire shirts, black pants and almost knee high SS boots. They
are very much into occultism and satanism. But although I am very related to
them (my grandmother is their mother´s sister) I do not know them very well,
I think no one knows them well. They are truly mysterious.
Jóhann (or Jói Motörhead as he is called) is a very different person. He
came from the late 70´s - early 80´s punk scene, but looks like a fairly
normal person today- hehe

14) Is it correct that one of the bandmembers painted the beautiful
front cover with a horeseman, riding a burning horse and holding a sword? Is
he still drawing and has he made other LP covers as well ?

I don´t think he has done any other album covers

19) When did FLAMES OF HELL decide to quit and what were the reasons for this?

They say they are still active today and that they never quit. But Jói their
drummer had a heavy drug problem, which affected the activity of the band.
Then he spent some years in many drug rehabilitations, and is clean now I
think. The last time I met them they said they were recording a new album at
their own studio.

22) Was any band member involved in future projects?

No I don´t think so

23) How was the Icelandic scene at that time of the LP ? Are there any
bands worth mentioning ? I only know CRANIUM and SORROICIDE from the
beginning 90es but no Metal band from the 80es?

There was no scene. Flames of Hell was the first real metalband in Iceland.
It wasn´t until 1989 that bands like Christ blood (another very mysterious
Icelandic band, that relocated to London) started and in 1990 the deathmetal
scene erupted.

24) As your LP is ****in' hard to find (I traded my 1st edition
Apocalyptic Raids EP from HELLHAMMER with the red lettering and lyric
sheet against it, a friend of mine traded his FLAMES OF HELL LP against
the Final Command Pic-LP bootleg of SLAYER so it seems to be very
valueable), is it intended to re-release this item in the near future on
limited vinyl edition or CD again ? (not even wellknown traders of the
German vinyl-mafia are knowing the name FLAMES OF HELL)

I asked them this question about 3 years ago, and they said no, that it
would never be re-released.

Well I answered what I knew, so now you know a little about one of the
worlds most mysterious bands."

It's a reissue. Alot of distro's have them.
None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.
Fun stuff.

That's about it though. Nothing wrong with that though.

God damn the vocalist and guitar leads are just.... so.... so god damned FUN.
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Fun stuff.

That's about it though. Nothing wrong with that though.

God damn the vocalist and guitar leads are just.... so.... so god damned FUN.

I like how there is a lead lick every 5 seconds.
They drive me insane.
None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.
great band
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great band

You were the one that sent me the mp3s. The torrent I was trying to download had 0 seeds.