Ok looking for some guidance here.....I have a Krank REV jr Pro and and the following pedals

Boss MT-2
Boss NS-2

What would be the best way to chain this together? Direct to the front input or through the IN / OUT effects loops? What is the difference between the two? I remember reading that some pedals should not be used through the effect loop......?

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Volume / Tuner / Wah -> OD / Distortion -> Noise Gate -> Amp

Loop: Chorus -> Delay -> Reverb

The gate can go in the loop, it might work better there or it might not.
So something like this...

Guitar----->Korg PB----->MXR ZW44----->Boss MT-2----->Boss NS2------>Amp Input


Guitar----->Korg PB----->MXR ZW44----->Boss MT-2----->Amp Input

Out Effects---->Boss NS2------>In Effects

Ok kool thanks

Tuner in loop.
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