Well im flying off tomorrow for a nice xmas holiday in oz & im bringing my guitar with me.
Now ive done this plenty before with my Ibanez Iceman without hassle, just loosen the strings, stick in the hardcase & bring it with me. No problems.
But this time im thinkin of bringing my Edwards Alexi since the Iceman has some crazy string buzz & is in need of a serious refret & new nut. But im not quite sure how i should go about slackening the strings & such for it...
should i just loosen the nut & slacken the strings a couple steps or do i need to block the trem with something as well? If that is the case, I cant actually get to a guitar shop before my flight to purchase a trem block so could someone give me some help & guidance on creating a makeshift DIY one?
Or is it all just not worth the hassle & id be better off putting up with some string buzz from the Iceman?

My flights in a few hours so replying ASAP would be great.

Thanks in advance for all the great help & advice im about to receive

Edit: I do not have a hardcase for the Alexi
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Put some cloth behind the trem so it doesnt crack the wood, make sure its sturdy and your all set!
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Just measure the space between the bottom of your trem and the body. Then cut a small block of wood to fit in there. As for flying With it I dunno.
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Quote by tommyp484
You shouldn't loosen the strings for shipping - there is no reason.

Even the baby-eating Ed Roman agrees with me, and he is widely regarded as one of the biggest douchebags in the industry. By loosening strings all you are doing is forcing the neck to acclimate to the lack of tension, the reacclimate a short time later to the tension being there again. If anything it'll be worse for the neck, and yet the same people who push the idea of slacking strings for shipping also contend that removing all of your strings at once during string changes is a bad idea for the very same reason... -_-.

Long story short, just put it in a hardcase and call it a day.
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Use a little block of wood, I saw a video on youtube on how to resting an FR and the guy put a little block of wood behind it to keep it in place.
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What Mo Jiggety says does make sense.
I never remove all strings at once so the loosening strings thing works out.
But I would put some cloth there just in case haha.
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