So i thought id make a general thread about how YOU do things when your recording. I was inspired to make this when i was getting used to my new BR1600 over the 900. my 900 had my own tones and some pretty good metal, but the 1600 has a totally new interface so its hard to re-create the old ones.

I saw this as a new challenge and something to learn about. My question here is how do you personally record distorted rhythm and lead with soft distortion?

i used to to record 2 tracks and pan left and right, but that doesn't cut it anymore. My guitar teacher says he records up to 5 and 6 tracks and adds a different EQ and compression to each track. I find i can use the post-EQ on each track to make a nice bassy sound, but no-where near as familliar as the ones i've been using for so long


How do you record rhythm and lead guitars, with reference to amount of tracks and post-fx?