I need ideas for food that wont cost much. I want to help budget the market money better and I'm creating a list of food thats healthy and cost efficient. Any ideas? We usually spend 150 a week but thats a lot for two people. I want the list to go down to about 120 or 110 even. So far for drinks I have soy milk and this crystal lite (this powder stuff in a jar you put into a pitcher and probably serves about 20 glasses. It's pretty cheap too, bout 4 dollars). for breakfast I buy a large bag of cereal, (bout 3 dollars), for lunch I generally eat half an egg sandwich, (eggs cost bout 4 dollars for 18). For dinner I eat some form of pasta or a spinach pizza. What are some alternatives that are healthy and I can get a lot of servings out of?
How many threads are you gonna start today? I have seen like 3-4 of them.
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Spend all your money on food. Mo money mo problems.

Srsly though make lots of pasta, chili, and rice dishes.
I don't get it; by the sound of it you already live pretty humbly, yet that food bill is pretty shocking.

I splash out a lot for food and don't really pay attention to price at all, and I still eat for about $50-60 a week.
Pizza Rolls.

Bedit: We spend like 300$ on food every time we go to the store, but there is also 5 of us so i guess that explains why.
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someone brought back old threads, its not my fault. I started those other threads about 2 weeks ago.
Before I was eating single meal froxen food stuff. I need cheaper alternatives that produce a lot of servings thats all.
If you're after value for number of servings you should join one of those wholesale outlets like Costco or Sam's Club.
some couple lived off £1/day for food for a month recently. youtube them and try and incorporate those ideas.
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