I bought a $75 Encore Blaster before I left to come to Lithuania for a bit. I bought it because it has a small body and full size neck. I didn't want to bring my Strat over here since it is flippin FREEZING. Anywhoo, I was practicing bending past the nut on the 2nd string. Sfter I did that a couple times I tried playing a EM chord and the string popped out of the nut. Upon further inspection I noticed the cutout in the nut for that string widened a bit and is allowing the string to pop out. ALSO now when I play that string open it buzzes. I can't go out and buy a new nut and I have a Christmas party to perform at in three days... Any ideas on how to fix it? I was thinking worse comes to worse I could just bump up to 12s and hope that fills the cutout but I don't think this guitar could handle it. RAWR!!!
just take a small nail file and sand it deeper, so the string can't jump out
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Alright, I am gonna go to the store and look for a small nail file. THanks a lot.