Hey, whenever i try to post a pic in a thread, all i see afterwards is the lil' square with the red x in it?

Im doing the right things i think

1. find the pic on tinypic or photobucket
2. copy internet address
3. paste internet address into reply box
4. surround pasted address with tags

what am i doing wrong?

or will it show for some people, and not myself?

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The pic doesn't have to be from tinypic or photobucket. What address are you copying?

EDIT: If you're using IE, right click the pic and click properties, then copy the thing that says Address (URL). If you're using Firefox, right click picture, then properties, and copy the address next to location. Then just post it here and wrap it in the tags - (Invalid img)
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Can you just paste the link you're trying to surround with img tags?

Right click any picture, click copy image address. That is the DIRECT link. That's what you want within the tags.
as far as i know the URL bar link wont work unless it ends in a piture code format like .jpg or.png or whatever. If you are already on one of the imagehosting sites, then clicking on the picture should give you four different image codes, one of them titled Forums and Bulletin boards. That is already wrapped in the img tags, so all you have to do is copy and paste.

If you are googling for the image, go to google image search, type what you want, click the picture you want, and then there should be an option for "view full size image" at the top of the browser, click that. Then you can copy and past the browser link at img wrap it.