Does anyone know where i could possibly find one. I looked on google, i went to guitar center (waste of time), called local music shops, checked eBay...is there not a single place i can ****ing buy one?

Edit: Is there another pedal that will also work with the 6505+.
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Good luck, I got my VH100R off of ebay, and have yet to find a footswitch for it. I've even talked to my local dealer, and he doesnt even know if he can get one.
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there should be other pedals that will work.
i dont know much about peaveys, what all does the pedal control.
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how hard are they to make? they only thing i have made myself is a cable tester.

Well you would need a Drill/Drill press, DIY box, Cable, Solder, Soldering Iron, Multimeter and Switchs. You have to drill the holes for the switchs and cable, see what wire in what configuration does what and match that up with the right source. Then solder everything up and mount the switchs.

To some that is about as easy as it gets when making a DIY box, to some it can be extremely hard. Its hard for me to gauge it since I have been doing it for so long. As long as your good with the tools needed it should be a snap.

Also you can always get someone to build ya one if you dont feel confident enough.