i'm sure none of you remember, but i posted a few weeks back about auditioning for "grease." well i got the part of kenickie. it's a fairly large role, and i've never acted before. i also have to sing "greased lightning" in a solo and do some very flamboyant dancing, as well as make out with the girl who plays rizzo for a very long time (big knockers). all very exciting. just thought you'd all like to know.
Congrats. So what now?

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good job on the boobage

and keep in mind you will be labelled as a stage fairyboy for quite some time. but i hope you score with the ladies due to your acting.
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Congrats man! I wish you luck when the time comes!
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Got a hickie from kenickie?
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it's a fairly large role, and i've never acted before.

Congrats on the role. If you're wondering, here's a quick guide on how to act. It's very simple. Every single line that you have, ask the question 'what reaction is my character looking for from the person they're speaking to?'

Come up with an answer for every line, then try and get that reaction when you speak the line. That's all you need to know.
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I always hated Grease...
However, do us proud... Tweak Rizzo's nipples while kissing her.
awesome, good luck

edit: and be sure and get it filmed and put up on youtube...so we can admire your performance of course, i'm definitely not secretly trying to score pics of teh boobage.

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