Hi, i've been teaching myself for a 5 or 6 months and I just realized something.

Palm muting is called that because you use your palm to mute

But I've been using a differnt part of my hand (uhm my only way I can explain it is - if you do a karate chop and the part of your hand that hits whatever you are hitting, that is what I use to mute)

So am I doing this wrong? Will this lead to problems when learning advanced techniques?

Also another issue, about anchoring, my wrist touches my guitar while I play but not my actual hand, is that considered anchoring? Is this still bad anyways? It personally feels comortable and I can't play any other way.
1. Palm muting. Don't use it all the time, only when appropriate. ie To play "teh br00talz". Although I'm all for correct technique, if it works for you, then use it.

2. It's only considered anchoring if you do it to stabilize your hand. If your hand just rests there without causing tension, it's fine.
Yeah I only palm mute when I want the muted sound
But will my technique screw me over in the long run
eddit okay so I'm doing it right

then whys it called palm muting o.o
k thanks everyone

i thought I was doing something wrong.