whatsup i was curious, is it easier to play shred with lighter strings like 9's or easier with heavier strings such as 11's? whats the ideal gauge for strictly shred? thanks

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I use 9's!

IDK if there easier though, i just use 9's because thats all ive ever really used. Dont really care for the heavier gauges.
lighter is easier to play on due to less finger strength needed. so therefore it will be easier to play on 9's
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heavier gauges like 10/11/12/13 are more for drop tuning to ensure you keep some tension on your neck

if you play E standard only, 9's or 10's enough, 11's and up will put more strain on your neck

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if you're playin in standard then you can't really go wrong with 10-42s
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i use 11's and i'm mostly tuned half step down so it works out fine

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maybe 8's i hear thats what malmsteen plays
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9's are too flimsy on the high e and b strings for me when I alternate picking at speed, go for 10's.

That being said, it's all down to preference.
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