Hi folks,

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I'm building a custom 1x12 combo based around the e ampmakers SE-5A Amp kit (http://www.ampmaker.com. The amp took most of a weekend to build and sounds lush even with the speaker sat on the table

I'm keeping a wiki at http://blackrob.pbwiki.com/ where I'm thrashing out the asthetics of the cab using google sketchup.

comments welcome - I've yet to attack the plywood and pine with powertools, although I've knocked up a 1:2 scale model in cardboard!

Rob J

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Had a look at the Wiki thing, looks really good, man. I like the way you played with the design of the enclosure, too.

Clips when it's done?
Just checked out the wiki page. Looks really good mate. Like the mockups you've done as well nice colour.

It brought back painful memories though as I built my amp on a kitchen table (which also had lego on??) and I never had enough room even then when I get home I have to troubleshoot it.

1 question though? How do you plan on getting the chassis out of the amp should the need arise?
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Quote by bellerophon
1 question though? How do you plan on getting the chassis out of the amp should the need arise?

That's one reason I build the scale model - to think about access. The current plan is to create a drop-down baffle - take a couple if screws out and the baffle hinges downwards. The amp chassis is mounted on an internal wooden shelf (at 45 degrees) which itself pivots down just enough to slide the amp in and out.

It's sounding too complex but it's going to be fun! The other option is take the lid off, but that's not as sexy

Yeah, don't just take the lid off.

Have a button to press turning on the internal leds and releasing a catch which allows two hydraulic tubes to raise the top high enough to get at the amp accompanied by the music of the blue danube waltz.... or maybe not...

That would be over-complicating it slightly though...
quick update at http://blackrob.pbwiki.com

Build well under way. I dry assembled all the panels and tested that the proximity of the speaker doesn't impact the amp - it's a tight fit! Cranking to full did two thing: annoy the wife and highlighted some loose bolts. It's now dismantled awaiting covering with plum cord Xmas and boxing day I will NOT be allowed in the garage

Merry Xmas