So my dad was working on this guys house who was a musician, and one day the guy told my dad to dispose of a bunch of boxes, suitcases, and stuff. My dad, being the curious guy that he is, takes the stuff home, and finds all this musical equipment. Most of the stuff is patchcords, but some are things that I've never seen before. One of which is this resistance pedal... I'll post pics if necessary. But what are they for, and what do they do.... here's a link to the manufacturers website, but I have no idea what it can be used for... HALP!

*note* the pedal I have is the 240 mixer
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It appears to mix signals from multiple sources into one signal. Ie you could run your guitar through 3 different, seperate effects chains, and mix all 3 different modulated signals together at the other end. Could do some pretty cool stuff I imagine. Or you can use them backwards to split your signal and send it out multiple ways it appears as well.
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It's a very basic passive mixer. Passive means that there are no electronics, so it relies upon the pots to vary the unamplified and unbuffered signal. It has 4 inputs and 1 output.