Sorry im new and dont know if this is in the right section. I have been writing some solos in A minor, which from what i know is the scale without any sharps or flats. I have also been writing a solo in a G minor scale but i dont know what it is. i have a few questions and i would really appreciate answers! thank you

1. It's Stupid but i wanna know, is A minor the same as C?

2. Ive been hearin that harmonic and melodic minor scales have different shapes when you are descending the fretboard, this really confuses me can anyone help me out and give me a link to those scales or tell me how they go... that would be great.

3. Can you maybe tell me any other nice metal scales?

4. Does it matter what key my solos are in when i dont give two ****s about theory when it comes to riffs(kerry king style lol, but its where its at).

5. Where the hell is the hash key on a macbook pro??? lol
You are correct - A natural minor has no sharps or flats.

1. A natural minor, or relative minor uses the same notes as C major, but it's not the same. While it uses the same notes, it has a different root (A) and the formula for the intervals is different. Hope that doesn't confuse you too much.

2. I don't know about playing different notes going up and down, but I do know that the harmonic minor is the same as the natural minor scale, however its 7th degree is raised half a step. The melodic minor scale is also similar to the natural minor, however it has a raised 6th degree - a half step.

3. I'm not into metal, but generally I would think that pentatonic minor or major would work with most songs. You could always try some modal stuff, but that's a little more advanced.

4. Yes. It definitely matters what key you're in. Try playing D minor pentatonic to a song written in C major. It matters.

5. Dunno. I'm not a Mac user.