not sure if iam in the right thread, anyway, what kind of harp should i buy to get a sound like the stones "boston rambler", "love is strong" and supertramps "school. also can i buy one which plays in all keys. i just bought a Barclay harmonca C 10 hole but its seems to be a bit limited in what i can play, i only paid a fiver for it though
you can buy one for all keys, but its played a little differently and is called a chromaonica, or a chromatic harmonica. you can buy a set of harmonicas in all 12 keys for like 20 bucks on musiciansfriend.
the real secret to getting that sweet harp sound is a green bullet (harp mic) plugged into little vintage tube amp, like an old champ or kalamazoo.

also, the way to get the cool bluesy sounds from a harp is to not use a C harp for the key of C. you do whats called "cross harp." A harmonica in the key of C is usually used to play in G. when you do this, you get the G mixolydian scale.
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