Lucid dreams give us the ability to control our own dreams and steer them toward the direction we want. In the lucid state, we are more willing to confront threats and as a result, become more self confident. When we achieve lucidity, we can use it as a tool to improve our sports game, to rehearse a speech, to fulfill our fantasies, or to solve a problem in our waking life. In fact, some athletes utilize their lucid dreams to practice their tennis serve, golf stroke or bat swing. Even in our day to day life, we can use lucid dreams to ask the boss for a raise, prepare for a first date, overcome

phobias, get over writer's block, etc. The application of lucid dreams is limited only to your imagination. Lucid dreams can help us visualize and rehearse the event in our minds before it actually occurs.

Because brain activity during the dream state is the same as during a real life event, what you "learn" or "practice" in your lucid dream state can be seen as training and preparation for the real thing in the waking world. Our neuronal patterns are already being conditioned.

At least half of all adults have had at least one lucid dream in their lifetime. Many have reported having lucid dreams without even trying. Often flying is associated with lucid dreams. However with practice, lucid dreaming can be learned and can be achieved at your will.

Learn To Lucid Dream


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A program that has a set of binaural beats , that are made after drugs and make you feel like your on them. to read further go to


Binaural beats


These beats use certain frequencies to change the brain wave pattern like the idoser but for meditation and learning and memory.

Youtube has a bunch check one out throw some head phones on close your eyes.

Who can lucid dream and who has benefited from it?
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