This is a famous part of Toccata and Fugue by JS Bach. How do i play the parts where it says I have to play a D note on high E string and a G note on the A string at the same time???
still do i pick them separately or same time? Also how so? I've never finger picked; my guitar will tear my fingers apart, its br00talz (Jacksonian Dinky)
Yes, your fingers will bleed! Bach didn't care, neither should you. And yes, you pick them the same time. My advice, use your thumb for the A and D string and assign an individual finger to pluck each string. Throw your pick away!
the first is a Gm. finger that and go from there. finger picking is your best bet as they've already said.

Fear the LIME

hmm bach didnt have metal strings >_> he had nylons I have reallly thin metal strings gauge .09
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hmm bach didnt have metal strings >_> he had nylons I have reallly thin metal strings gauge .09

Bach did not have Nylon strings he had strings made out of gut, for the most part. Those hurt. Okay, on a serious note, finger picking won't hurt your picking hand, just make sure your nails are nice and short and that your fingers don't get trapped between strings. Believe me, it happens.
yea i thought i needed long nails? and my FINGERS ALWAYS
get stuck in between strings
No, No, leave the long nails for the freaky classical guitar virtuosos. I'm assuming your main motive for playing isn't classical guitar? For now, keep the nails short. Nail on string is very unpleasent. As for your fingers getting stuck; avoiding that comes with practice. Try resting the top of your hand/palm on the guitar and make sure you keep your hand very steady, but very relaxed. Use only your fingers to pluck and no wrist movement and keep the plucking motion to a minimum. These are just guidelines to bare in mind. Just keep at it, don't get discouraged, it'll come with a little bit of practice.