hi i need some advice

i bought a cheap ltd guitar with plans on completely renovating it

i got the one i got (forget the model but its les paul style) because i liked the body shape, the feel of the neck, the wiring and switching setup, and the look of the hardware.

I refinished the body which was originally flat black, it is now glossy black with a big mayan calendar design decoupaged underneath the automotive clear coat and I sanded the black paint off the headstock and put a dark wood finish on it.

The only remaining evidence of its humble beginning are the factory humbuckers and since i've never bought pickups before i thought i'd as for some opinions

firstly, how much of a difference do they really make in the sound? i mean, i've owned a handfull of different guitars over the years but have had a few different amplifiers too so i guess i don't really know what went into the evolution of my sound... is it a very subtle difference or is it really noticeable to have cheap or expensive pickups?

maybe the $160 i'd be spending on pickups would be better spent on a new stompbox?or is it worth the money?

i've been looking mostly at seymour duncan pickups. I don't like the idea of having to keep track of batteries so active pickups are out, i don't play nu-metal anyways.

one bridge pickup thats really caught my eye is the seymour duncan hot rails... its a humbucker but its single-coil size and they don't seem to make a humbucker sized one... would i have any problems installing a pickup that was too small for the routing or it would it go in fine and just look ugly?

i read that tom morrello has used this pickup and its supposed to have very high output which is what draws my attention to it, especially since my wah sucks up a substantial amount.

and i'd appreciate any recommendations for a neck humbucker... something with a very fat, full, and warm sound.

thanks for your time
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Ibanez toneblaster head and one 12x4 cab, its a lower end solid state analog halfstack but it sounds alright and its loud as hell lol
yeah, pickups have a real difference in your sound only if you have a good amp, your not gonna notice much with a marshall mg10.
EDIT: well...if its a good amp, than pickups will be worth it, i suggest playing your guitar through it, and then playing some other guitar through it with good pickups(such as Dimarzio Super Distortions or something, or better yet the pickups your looking at)
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forgot to mention that i play hard rock/blues.. tom morello and jimi hendrix are my guitar idols lol, i like it dirty, fat, and unique.

at least thats what she said ;P

thanks markomite i'm checking those out