After unfortunate events i am now stuck with my old Marshall Hybrid,I had a Jcm 900 but had to return it to the previous owner,SO,I need to Tighten up my Distorted tone on the AVT 20,so what if i buy a distortion pedal for the amp and run it through clean,can that help my tone get tighter(Im playing Classic style rock BTW,) or will it not matter because I am running it thought a Junk amp?The Amp would be miced on a PA in Live situations and just cranked to 11 in practice situations,due to its only 20 watts :l.
So what Pedal will help my problem?
I was Thinking s Boss or MXR distortion.
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Try the new satchurator out it has good versatility. But to be safe take your amp to your music store and try the pedals out with your amp because they may sound different. I would say either the satchurator, jekyll & hyde, or a metal muff. imo.
try some distortion pedals and see if something sounds better than your amp