Ok so this is one of my earlyer songs, just would like to know what you guys think.

any tips as to my song wrighting and playing??

As u will be able to tell this song was heavily influenced by lamb of god, or testament, what ever way u look at it.

cheers james.


called Depths of Hell, final full mix!
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Thats a killer tune you got there man. The drums really accent the riffs and bring them alive.
The only complaint i have is that the vocals seem to far in front of everything else. The instruments seem turned down when they come in.
Still, its pretty well done. I can definitely heaar the Testament influences.
good composition, the vocals are too muddy. Im a fan of growling and screaming too, its not just a taste thing
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Quote by RHDIII
the vocals are too muddy

Voice needs a lil more distortion (mic thru amp helps) Guitars great, double bass = brutal. I'd put a breakdown in, if you're into that sorta thing.
you should pass the riffs to slayer great riffs and playing. vocal mic is very roomy..record under a blanket, use stockings and broken drum sticks or something as a mic shield (avoiding pops) and use antares mic modler to get an expensive mic sound.

are you using cubase? i could put down some dave lombardo style drums on superior drummer2.0 for you.
i didnt record the vocals myself, member renka did.

i dont have the master track anymore , so the song is how it is now, which kinda sucks, cauze it would be cool to do some new stuff with it.

i guess i could re-record it tho.

and i have cubase but i didnt use it for this i used tracktion 2
it was very well recorded, the guitars have a really nice sound to them, the vocals seem a bit distant, you should try using different setting when you record them to bring them out better
otherwise it's pretty well composed
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