Recently i Bought a Squier Starter Pack (Squier Guitar , Tuner , Amp. ,Picks , Bag) and have been since then trying to pla some songs, i wouldn't say that i know nothing because i allready know how to play some songs , But i thing something's missing...wich advise would you give to a Begginer ? Finger exercices ? Musics to start play ? i would really apreciate if someone could help me evolve =D if you have some links to something usefull for me it would be very good Ty very much =D
Chords Scales

Just play around and do anything you want ull learn stuff

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when i started (bout 4 months ago) I got some lessons for like 4 weeks so to just get me started with chords and simple songs and such. If you can also get like a book from the teacher too. Now im just self teaching myself techniques and songs.
Power Chords
Barre Chords
Minor pentatonic scale
Major pentatonic scale
Blues scale

When practicing scales, don't forget to alternate pick (strumming up and down but on one string).
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Make sure to use all your fingers when doing scales and finger excercises. I know a lot of my friends that have played guitar as long or longer than myself but have zero dexterity in ther pinky.

Also go up and down the neck alternating fingers and alternate picking.

Thank you very much for the Fast Replys i really apreciate it...Ive allready started to learn some Scales , and went to the Justin guitar website and started with the beginners course...so far its starting to help me since i had a problem with F cords..lol ill keep tryin to learn and if anyone has something please keep posting =D Ty all very much
If you want some songs with simple chords to help with changing fingering, not necessarily fast, you may want to try "Yellow Submarine" by the Beatles. It's composed of 3 chords, D, Am, and G, if I'm not mistaken. (The simple cover version anyways)

For slower strumming, but quicker chord changes, try "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day. You can play it with or without a capo, but if you're just learning, play it without a capo.

Not all songs are composed of completely chords. The first full song I ever learned on guitar was "Wipe Out" by the Surfaris, and it revolves on a main riff just spilling onto different strings. Then, the breakdown is composed of slow power chords, and a guitar solo a beginner can do.

I've been playing guitar for roughly 9 months now, and I still have my starting Squier. It's an easily usable guitar, but it just comes with a bad amp. You'll also want to get rid of those picks and get some thicker "Brain" picks. They'll basically never wear away at the level even I'm playing at. Sometimes your skill progresses faster than your paycheck, as I'm able to play faster songs like "Knights of Cydonia" by Muse, or "Heart In A Cage" by The Strokes. (Don't be frightened, I'm getting a Les Paul Studio and a brand new bigger Amp for Christmas) But that's irrelevant.

Soon, your fingers are going to be hurting a LOAD. It's going to distract you a lot, but if you can make it through the first two months, you will never notice it again. In anything. Your fingers will be calloused and guitar string pain immune. Around playing a song for 21 days, you will become a master at it if you can play it at a slower level constantly without mistakes. I hope this has helped.
Chord progressions first, learn songs with chords you learnt. THen chord changing speed increase, move on to picking. after picking, go learn solos then in between learn your theories, you'll understand the shapes faster because you'll realise how much similar they are to the solos you play.
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best guitar website you'll find.

I agree this is a excellent site, lots of you tube vids to watch. Also as a forum connected to each section, if you have any questions. www.justinguitar.com
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