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I'm doing an assignment on how languages evolve.

I'm researching and coming up on a theory how our language is gonna evolve and I have no idea where to start. But, I have two questions.

1. Is the English language going to evolve badly because of today's culture/media/whatever?
2. Do you understand what that person is talking about?

Rent the movie "Idiocrocy".

It answers all of your questions.
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You can't necessarily say that it would be evolving badly, an evolution is an evolution.
But, yeah, it's deffinatly changing because of the media ... and gangsters.
i think we should just blame it on rap music
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Languages naturally become 'worsened' over time
Latin hit a phase which my teacher constantly referred to as 'dirty latin', where the original rules of Latin grammar and the original definitions of words seemed to fade and become more ambiguous

So I suppose my answer is yes, but no because it's not just due to modern culture/media, it's a recurring theme in the history of various languages
Have you ever seen a movie or show from the 50's? They speak so formally back then and compare it to now, there you have your answer.
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Rent the movie "Idiocrocy".

It answers all of your questions.

Why do people even mention that crappy film. It had maybe 90 seconds of intelligent thought, the rest was just retarded sex jokes. TS, watch the first minute on youtube, that's the thesis for the whole thing.
Here ya go;