I am kind of a noob at recording. All I have is Cubase 4 on my computer and an off brand dynamic microphone. Although I have been taking a recording studio class at my college I am still pretty sketchy on a lot of stuff. I have experimented with a lot of stuff on Cubase and I have figured out a lot which is actually getting me excited. My friend, who is a drummer, mentioned that he is going to get a set of drum mics and, since I am taking the class, wanted to know if I could record him. Now, I have been recording with my one microphone by plugging it into the one mic input of my computer. How am I going to record up to possibly 7 microphones? I know that mixers have several mic inputs but am I going to be forced to get a mixer?

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I would think you would need a mixer, or an audio interface with enough inputs for all the mics.
you need a mixer or some sort of interface with multiple inputs. the way you are recording right now is not optimal, a mic to a computer's input is bad because computers have bad preamps and stuff.. get an external interface, and if the interface only has one input, get a mixer to hook up to it.
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I would think you would need a mixer, or an audio interface with enough inputs for all the mics.

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yeah just look for a mixer, you can find some pretty decent ones for under $100 online
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You will need an interface. One with 8 inputs will do the job and some for drums. Probably 4-7 mics depending on the quality you are going for. The software you have will allow you o mix so you don't really need a mixer. Check out the presonus FP10 (Firepod)
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