Today I went into guitar center looking at a guitar in the 500-700 price range(mainly epiphone masterbilt and takamine) when I came across a $700 acoustic/electric by laguna. I plugged this thing in and it sounded magical. I compared it to many other acoustics/electrics in the same range, as well as a taylor, and thought this sounded the best by a mile.

Even unplugged it sounded great, but this was one of the rare occasions where I preferred plugging it up. It sounded that great. Anyone have an opinion about this guitar?

Laguna is Guitar Center's Line 6 built store brand. That being said, they're actually decent. Though, I don't think I can agree that they're better than any Taylor, I can agree that they're not bad.
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trust your ears man...if that guitar sounded that good, get it...who are we to say not to when we cant hear it...i hate the sound of their electrics but might be nice acoustics
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