I've been wanting to take guitar lessons for a while now. I've been self taught until this point and I think lessons would be very helpful. I live extremely close to Old Town and its probably the most convenient place for me to take lessons. I just don't want to waste my money on lessons if the teachers there aren't good or if the prices are too expensive? Anybody have experience with Old Town? What do you think about it?
Well I'm from the Chicagoland area, North suburbs, but i've never heard of that place. If you do go there let me know. The only place near me, Great Lakes Music, isn't very great anymore, it was pretty decent like 6 years ago when this guy Jason worked there.
I've actually heard great things about it. I currently live in the south loop. I would also check out Bloom School of Jazz, I got lessons from Bloom and learned more than I ever had in other lessons. You don't have to learn jazz, but it is guaranteed to help you.
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