So, for the holidays I decided I'd pick up a Fender Mustang. I was originally planning on buying used, so I searched all the pawn shops and found one.
The paint was faded and overall, didnt look to great.

So, then I stopped at a local music store, which was more professional, and saw another Mustang.
This one was new and everything.

Now, most people would say, get the $550.
But I truly think that the price of the used one shouldnt be past $450.
And that $100 is a big difference for me, as im already need $200 dollars more for the used one.
So, Im thinking about going to the pawn shop, and explaining to the guy that either he lowers the price, or im getting the new one for $50 more.

Pretty much, I just wanna know, is my thinking right in any of this? Or am I going to look like an idiot going in there and demanding a lower price?
arent they discontinued? 550 is the regular street price for a used one. my friend just sold his for 575.
play them both, and see if there's a hundred dollar difference for the new one. I personally prefer beat up guitars as long as they sound nice.
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i would say offer him 400, tell him it's a reasonable offer considering it's used and new is only a few dollars more. but make sure you have the cash in hand so he knows you're serious. you may also want to try offering 375 and plead with them, then say you can get another 25 from your parents or friend...worth a shot
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Pawn shops often mark higher than they need to sell for. They do this thinking they might be able to sell for that price. But it has been my experience that you can talk pawnshops way down, just make him an offer and say thats all you are willing to spend. If he says he cant do it, then so what.