Well I have been looking at some new equipment and here is what I am looking at.
Gibson LP Antique Classic and
Traynor 20WR or Blackheart BH15-112

It may seem odd to get such a nice guitar with an inexpensive amp but I just love the feel of the guitar and I don't need a large amp. I would rather crank 15W than barely use 100W and the portability is a plus. I play a wide range of music but I love the clean to be almost chimey and a little smooth overdrive for the lead stuff. I also mess around with some high distortion riffs but I think I could easily create that sound with pedals.

Any comments or suggestions would be great.
I'mma say Electric Guitar forum dude.
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They're going to know more about this over in EG than here, but this is something you have to decide for yourself. If everyone followed my advise, everyone would own a Carvin, but plenty of people like their Fenders, Gibsons, and Ibanezes.