I'm not really sure if this is post metal. The influences are numerous.

I'd cite Nae'blis, Agalloch, The Morningside and Mono as the major players, though, just because that's what I've been listening to lately.

This was initially supposed to be written for three instruments, but I wanted the depth of another guitar so that's what that shenannigans is. It would be a very boring song for the poor fellow on "dubbed guitar".

Anyways, I will happily C4C, but I won't be very useful unless you're linking me to a non-core metal song or a post rock song. I don't know how anything else is supposed to sound so I can't help.
Post metal.zip
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I have a feeling this is one of those songs that would sound miles better as an actual recorded version, because generally when delving into post-metal territory GuitarPro is a bit lacking. But it's still good for what it is, I definitely hear The Morningside influence in the clean guitar, lead, and bass interplay. I'm a bit skeptical as to the usage of full chords on the guitar, and the drum rhythms felt a bit awkward in places, as if you were trying to fit a 6/8 time sig into a 4/4 one. I think the drums are the only real weak point here, as there's not a lot of variation. In fact I think you only used two different beats throughout the song and as a reslut, it gave a sort of plodding, monotonous feeling.

This is a fairly good song, though. If you ever get it recorded let me know because I want to hear it.

Crit mine? It's post-metally in some places, and Agalloch influenced as well, it's the first link in my sig.
Thanks for the crit. I agree to a point with the drums. I think I can certainly spice them up a bit.

As for using full chords on distorted guitar - in a recording situation, that guitar would be quite lower gain. I'm going for the slightly off-sounding overvoiced chord effect that bands like Nae'blis and Coldworld get on their rhythm guitar.
All i can say is make drums more interesting
and make the dubbed guitar to volume 15. Makes it seem better.
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