So I realize this maybe a topic that will be purely opinion in most circumstances but it's one that I need some big help with.

I am in a fairly new band called On Burning Shores. I have been playing guitar for many years but have just recently began taking it very seriously and moving it to the next level.

I am currently playing an ESP eclipse-II through a Traynor YCS100h Custom Special 100w head into a 4x12 Mesa Boogie cab. I also use a Boss DD7 delay pedal.

My other guitarist is playing a Jackson Randy Rhoads through a Line 6 spider III Combo amp into a Behringer 4x12 cab

Basically, we're looking to really tighen up our live sound and we're looking for any possible suggestions on how to really get a tighter sound during our breakdowns and how to really clear up some of our chorus/chord parts and get a really professional feel to our music.

Listen to our songs at www.myspace.com/onburningshores and see if you can come up with any tips on how to really help us achieve a more professional tone.
you guys are pretty damn good if you ask me i like the songs sorry cant help you though