Ok so I recently got a the valve king 100 watt and I love this amp but I am having some trouble getting high volume out of the clean channel! The lead channel screams, so this being my first tube head I thought pre amp tubes? So I put some JJ 12ax7's in it and nothing still same problem. Has anyone had the same issue or know about what direction I should go from here? Thanks
Yeah I found the clean was pretty quiet too.
So I just turn the volume up higher than the lead channel =D

Oh, and I don't remember off hand whether the volume boost
works for the clean channel, but try screwing around with that.

If you can bear it, turning the gain boost off will help even out the volumes
a bit, but yeah.. there's no point in doing that if its sacrificing tone.

Oh, and if you REALLY want to get them evened out, buy a volume pedal,
or a clean boost pedal of some sort.
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Well let's just say I can dime the clean channel! And barely get volume out of it. It works but not nearly like it should. So I don't know
um...that is odd.

I don't think that is a tube issue. Is the amp new? Agreed tho that the clean channel is not as loud as the Lead.

what are your settings, guitar, volumes, OD?, pressance, texture, whatever, please post in The Valveking Thread too.
i think the box could also be the problem!

i use a laney 412 box and it does its job really well!

and ive experienced that the volume get much higher when you turn the texture all the way up.

but still good luck fixing the issue!