I'm getting my first amp in early 2009, but I've already picked up my first pedals.

My FLMS had a clearance sale, and I picked up 2 ToneCore modular pedals and a 2 more modules (Uber Metal, Constriction, Space Chorus and Roto-Machine) for @ $150.

My question is, how do these pedals stack up, overall- good, bad, middle of the road? Should I get more than the few I have?
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echo park is awesome aswell

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i have the constrictor, uber metal and crunchtone... all three are really good pedals. Tough construction, great sound, minimal noise.

highly recomended :-)
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Thanks for the quick replies, y'all!

I'm glad to hear that my impulsiveness and G.A.S. may not have resulted in a waste of money!
I've owned the Uber Metal and Echo Park.

Overall they're built like tanks, I really really liked their delay pedal, it's just awesome!
Had a few modulations built in too, like wow and flutter, vibrato and chorus, not only that but they had delay types, such as analog delay, digital and tape.

If that wasn't enough they had different styles of delays, ping pong is just killer in stereo!

I'll be buying the Echo Park once again, I highly recomend it!
Would any of you have qualms about buying one used? I ask because my local Music Go Round has a couple sitting in a display case. They look like they're in good shape...
used is should be no problem with these pedals
Cursed to one day crash and burn because we fly so god damn high.
Well you won't really need the distortion pedal if you are getting a good amp with a good lead channel on it. It'll sound way better than the pedal on the clean channel.
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You are correct sir!
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