hi, i have a samick les paul rep.. .and it sounds pretty good...except the 3rd string always sounds out of tune or wrong....so i got the intonation checked out.. but its the same.. does anyone know wat i should do ??
do i need a new bridge ?
I'd rather go for a brand new guitar.
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try putting a little piece of paper under the string in the nut. works for me.
yeh i was thinking bout getting a whole new guitar ,....cause ive been saving for a tele or somethin,... thanks guys
Quote by no_frills00
yeh i was thinking bout getting a whole new guitar ,....cause ive been saving for a tele or somethin,... thanks guys

That's sort of chickening out of the situation. Not very heroic. Look on it this way; these Samicks are about the best guitars hardly any money can buy. They're excellent for learning. Learning to play AND learning to set up your own guitar. You could skip the problem, but I assure you it'll come back on you soon after you got yourself a Fender Telecaster, and what would you do then? Mess up that priceless instruent or going to the luithier and separate from enough money to buy a complete Samick. And keep on doing this on a regular basis for the rest of your live?
Instead you could take up the challenge and settle the matter for once and for all.

I would gladly guide you through the procedure. For that you must first establish exactly what is wrong. Tune that nasty 3rd string up to pitch and tell me exactly on which spot it is off and in which direction (flat or sharp) For example, is it OK low on the neck, but goes wrong higher up, or is it the other way round? Or is it only the open string that's correct and are all the fretted notes off?
If I have more info I could suggest further steps to go through.
thanks man.. wel .. when its tuned up to pitch its fine.. but when i play a chord.. it doesnt sound right.. its a bit flat.. i adjusted the brige and neck (which needed adjusting) and it got a lil better but it seems to keep coming back. . sorry if i dont explain tihs very well. . im not great with this sorta stuff
Hm...sounds a bit like a nut problem. Do you have an electronic chromatic tuner? That would be a great help for getting the right diagnosis. Then you could check the lower most notes. The third open string that rings a G must ring an exact G# on the first fret, just like any other string must on the first fret sound exactly one semi tone above the open string. If the situation is otherwise, this will be particularly noticable when playing open chords.
If the fretted note is too sharp, the string sits to high on the nut. If that note is flat, the string sits too low.
Correcting this is a bit tricky, but your first concern is to do proper measurements and get reliable data.