NEIL YOUNG at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

it was honestly one of the best shows i've ever seen.

he came out for an encore afterward playing A Day in the Life. which was awesome aswell.

he even showed his classy side by taking a bow with the two opening bands after the show.

so this thread doesn't really have a point, but i guess anyone who wants to share a recent concert or musical experience that changed their lives then post away
I got excited when I saw the word Neil. I was disappointed when it wasn't followed by Hamburger.
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i was at a Neil Young concert at the Roskilde Festival and he really preformed well even tho he is an old fellah
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Man, I just got back from seeing AC/DC in Atlanta!!! This was easily the greatest concert I have ever seen and probably will ever see! If you get the chance, see them on this tour cause it might be their last!!!