So I just started posting in the gear section a few days back and thought I would post my band and links to our awesome demos. Production is pretty ****ty for recording and mixing in HD 7.4, but the school studio (Syracuse university) ran a yamaha digital board instead of a legit control surface with separate rack pres. The also completely lacked in decent plugins, so the mix came out pretty rough (but still better than "tell all your friends"). Also the only monitors they had were old school krk rockits from the 90s.

Anyways, give it a listen and tell me how awesome you think we are. I played guitar/bass/ and piano in the recordings.




We are currently working on a full length and plan on recording it in march. I am currently trying to shuffle enough money to build a protools LE rig. Working on building a desktop from scratch, getting a mbox2 or 002 rack (maybe 003 if my wallet permits it), the factory bundle, and either ADAM or yamaha monitors. I am going to make sure our LP sounds tight as hell.
Hey man.

This stuff is pretty good. Not really my sort of thing genre wise, but you guys certainly know what you're doing. Nice. Quite long songs.

Production wise these are pretty good for demos, some nice production here, the mixes sound quite trebbly though in parts, this could be due to the myspace compression but it does sound like there's some stuff happening in the high end that could be tweaked.

Otherwise cool...keep it up!
cool, thanks for the feed back. I had to mix on some really old KRKs, so that would explain why there are some random nasty frequencies appearing in the mix.

I made a UG page.
My band.

My gear.
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